Magic glass

With my new idea, you can teleport anywhere.

[Dictated to my Dad]

I had a new idea today.

It can teleport your family and friends if you like. Only you can use it. But if you want, you can teleport anybody you like. Just let the machine do it for you. But you have to get petrol, too. Don’t think it runs on magic. Oh, wait, it does!

So, in the future, if you are reading this, you can maybe … possibly … get magic from somewhere.

Look at my picture about this.

It costs £400,000! You may think it’s a lot but it’s worth it. You and your friends and family can teleport wherever you like. But this is a one-of-a-kind. So, if I’m able to build it, don’t think that you can repair it yourself.

As you can see in the picture, you need:

If a robber goes and tries to break it, you’ll find that it won’t work, due to the much magic it has. Go and look at the next picture. It explains everything you want to know about what will happen to the robber if it goes into the magic glass.

I wouldn’t like to be him if I was you! You will get a spark!

On the first picture, there is an instrument panel with six buttons, going to … well, wherever you please. You have to draw a picture of wherever you want to go. You will see from the first picture that there is a shredder. Put your picture in the shredder! You might think it’s stupid to waste a piece of paper and you don’t have to do it too perfectly. When you put it in the shredder, you draw the picture one colour only. Again, you may think it’s daft but the glass will turn into a portal; the colour of what you wanted to draw with. Don’t do something daft, like drawing a rainbow-coloured unicorn in there. The machine will not hold; well, maybe it will; how am I supposed to know?! Well, it is my machine, so I don’t know why I don’t know if it will work.

Now, like I said, do not and I mean don’t, draw a unicorn that is rainbow. The magic could start to go all weird and disappear from the machine. If the magic disappears, the portal will start to shudder. Immediately, try to pack as many stuff as you can from that place. It will start to go red hot. The reason about that is the magic might be cold. If it isn’t, I’ll put ice blocks in there!

So, when it goes red hot, don’t touch it, don’t go near it and, whatever you do, don’t try and use the portal without its magic. It has still got a tiny bit of magic in it but that doesn’t hold the structure very goodly at all. If you try and use it to escape, I would suggest not to use it or you will die.

This will be the end soon … sadly. I would of talked a little bit more but I think your voice is getting sore if you are reading this in the future. Who knows? Maybe you don’t have a neck or a heart or even a stomach because you might be a robot in the future. Who knows? Maybe the future will come after when I die. It might. A boy or a girl can dream.

Well, sadly, that is my time. I need to leave. I’ve said all I could and I may say a little bit more. But, for now, I’ll see you another time – I don’t know when.

Goodbye. I hope you will think of another idea like mine. Bye!